This is a blog maintained by Sipho B, a Professor of History and researcher into the Gëwél traditions of West Africa.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. alan kevin Says:

    Whats up man! Just happened upon the blog and you are in senegal! I like the site and luv the info! I have never seen an mbpaatt. Do your thing dog!

  2. chaya Says:

    Hey this was doubtlessly one of the most intelligent posts I’ve had the chance to read on the topic so far. I do not have any idea where you get all of your info but keep it coming! I am going to send a few folks to this site to read this. Amazing, totally awesome. I am have just started getting into writing articles myself, nothing remotely close to your writing potential (lol) but I’d love for you to take my work in progress someday! here

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