In Memoriam II

August 20, 2015

The story of life is best told by deeds. -African Proverb

This statement speaks to the value of life. We are measured by how we live, by how we affect the lives of those around us – especially family and community. This week we have witnessed the passing of two significant Géwël Elders – Vieux Sing Sing Faye and Doudou Ndiaye Rose. As immeasurable as this loss is, this is also a time to remember the deeds of these men. During their lives they each worked to protect the values and traditions that are central to Senegalese society. But they also extended the boundaries of those traditions. Their children will continue to carry their work forward. Their many students will continue to carry their work forward. And we all, as we remember the lives of Pa Vieux and Pa Doudou, will also be carrying their work forward. Asé.

The video begins with comments by Moustapha Faye, eldest son of Vieux Sing Faye and Ndeye Thiam, and then has words from other members of the family.

This is the last interview with Doudou Ndiaye Rose, done after he helped lay Vieux Sing Sing Faye to rest. It is followed by an article about his passing.

Doudou Ndiaye Rose's last interview

Doudou Ndiaye Rose’s last interview

Doudou Ndiaye Rose

Doudou Ndiaye Rose



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