The Géwël Tradition Project: 2013 in Review

January 1, 2014

This has been a somewhat quiet but constructive year for the Géwël Tradition Project. The focus has been on using the materials from the archives to present ngéwël history and culture and the work of the project to the public through presentations, publications and an increased on-line presence. Our biggest accomplishments were:

March 2013

Géwël Tradition Project opened a Face Book Page

Gewel FB Page

Géwël Tradition Project FB Pageéwël-Tradition-Project/593776840649951

April 2013

Moustapha Faye was the Visiting Scholar and Artist in Residence for the Black Studies Program at Suffolk University, Boston, MA. Moustapha’s fourth residency for the Black Studies Program was a huge success.

Moustapha Faye teaching dance class.

Moustapha Faye teaching dance class at Suffolk University.

Spring 2013

The Géwël Tradition Project: Supporting A Living Tradition

An article on the Géwël Tradition Project was published in the Spring issue of African Arts Magazine.

African Arts magazine cover

African Arts magazine cover

October 2013

Dancing Through Time and Space: African Dance and the Géwël Tradition of Senegal at Suffolk University

An article on the dance class that the Project has taught at Suffolk University since 2005 was published in the Journal of Pan African Studies, an on-line journal.

Journal of Pan African Studies Cover

Journal of Pan African Studies Cover

The Géwël Tradition Project would like to wish everyone a prosperous and productive New Year! May we all continue to learn from and share with each other. And int hat spirit we invite you to continue to visit the Géwël Tradition Project’s blog and Facebook page. We also invite you to read the articles about the project in the publications above, and please let share your comments on either the blog or Facebook page. Thank you for your continued support in 2014.

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