Dancing the Drum (10/22)

October 27, 2009

This presentation by the Faye family was the second of their residency. While the first presented the sabar drum family, this one incorporated dance and demonstrated the connection between sound and movement. With a standing room only group of students, faculty and staff they began with a demonstration of some of the sabar rhythms and bakks, Aziz Faye demonstrated dances for Kaolack, Baar Mbaye and Ceebu Jënn. Two students from Senegal who attended came forward to dance Lëmbël and later returned to dance Ceebu Jënn before the program ended.

Moustapha and Aziz Faye

Tapha and Aziz

Malick Ngom, Moustapha Faye and Aziz Faye

Malick, Taoha and Aziz demonstrate the artistry of the sabar drum.

Moustapha Faye

MOustapha Faye demonstrates technique on the cól.

Aziz Faye on cól.

Aziz plays the cól.

Malick Ngom plays sabar.

Malick Ngom plays two sabars.

Aziz Faye demonstrates a dance.

Aziz Faye demonstrates a dance.

Students join the Faye family in a dance.

Students dance with the Faye family.

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