Concord Academy Vespers (10/18)

October 27, 2009

The Faye family was invited to do an evening presentation at Concord Academy in Concord, MA. One of the highlights of the evening was the early snowfall that hit the area. It was the first snowfall for Moustapha and Malick, and since the flakes were big and did not stick it was a good introduction to the winter weather. The cold of the evening was offset by the warmth of the reception that they received at Concord Academy. After a few introductory comments on the Faye family and the Géwël Tradition by Prof. Robert Sipho Bellinger Moustapha played Tagu Mbar to open the demonstration. For the next half an hour the rhythms of the sabar drums filled the auditorium, with the audience of enthusiastic students applauding and shouting their approval. At various moments students rose from their seats to dance in the aisles, and they were particularly enthused when Aziz Faye took the stage to dance.

After the presentation Moustapha, Aziz, Malick and Prof. Bellinger took questions from the audience, which provided the opportunity to highlight and further explain aspects of the Géwël Tradition that the students wanted to know about. Before closing the program Aziz invited students to join him on stage to learn some sabar dance movements. As the students danced the joy they were experiencing was evident in their faces as well as in the faces of those who remained in the audience. As the students filed out of the auditorium I’m sure the warmth of the event helped to shield them from the cold of the wintry night air. Jërëjëf Concord Academy!

Tapha Faye

Moustapha Faye plays Tagu Mbar at Concord Academy

Aziz and Malick

Aziz and Malick at Concord Academy

Moustapha, Malick and Aziz (l-r)

The Faye family at Concord Academy

Aziz Faye dances to the drums.

Aziz dances at Concord Academy

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