October 22, 2009

Teaching is one of the activities that the members of the Faye family are involved in at Suffolk University during their residency as Distinguished Visiting Scholars. Presently they are teaching a dance class BLKST 263: Sabar – The Music and Dance of Senegal. Prior to the Faye family’s arrival, the students were introduced to history of Senegal, the Faye family, the Géwël tradition,  sabar rhythms and dances, and their role in traditional and popular contexts. Below are some photos of the first week of dancing in the Jeanette Neil dance studio.

Moustapha Faye demonstrating dance steps.

BLKST 263 Dance class in studio.

Students in the BLKST 263 dance class.

The first days in the studio were a good experience as students began to learn the movements of sabar dances, heard the sabar drums live for the first time, and began to feel the connection between their movements and the rhythmic musicality of the drums.

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